Olga Boto Foundation is a Dutch non-profit charity and committed to helping others in need! We are dedicated to raising money for sick and disadvantaged people in the Netherlands and Third World Countries, also to give support to any Dutch citizens and other non-profit organizations of a like mind.

Target group

Children, young people, aldults, seniors and also Dutch citizens who have trouble with organizing and maintenance of home and office files or non-profits who have not volunteers or employees.

What we do

  • Creating a great donation experience around the World.

  • Setting up actions and manage projects to make a difference.

  • Raising money, wisdom and knowledge to help sick and disadvantaged people.

  • Offering workshops, training, coaching and mentoring based on administration that make a difference.

  • Providing administrative support services to Dutch citizens and non-profit organizations in need.

  • Organizing social, cultural, political activities for Dutch citizens, district residents and group of interested neighbors.

How can Olga Boto Foundation help

  • To help sick and disadvantaged people, we organize benefit fundraising activities.

  • People have access to our Google Drive to download our free administrative tools and training and view our activities.

  • Dutch citizens and non-profit organization can contact us through email to get free training, coaching and mentoring based on administration.